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Mexico Vacations from Vancouver

Mexico Summary
Why should you choose Mexico for your next destination for a vacation?
This is one vacation spot where you will get more value for your money; you have a wide range of points of interest (historically and culturally) that you can experience and of course, spend some down time on one of the great beaches.
Picking one of the Mexico Vacation Packages from Vancouver will help you get off to the right start and organize your itinerary.
Mexico Accomodations
Everything oozes “Mexican” when you stay at the Hostal De La Monja, an incredible 5-star that is more than affordable for those on a budget and is located in Durango. In Guadalajara, the B & B Casa De Las Flores is impressive and less expensive than you may initially think!
Mexico Climate
When you are in the southern part of Mexico, April and May are the hottest months there (28+ degrees Celsius). The coasts see the most heat and humidity (which is good for beach-goers) and inland (especially higher up) is cooler (23 – 25 degrees Celsius). You can expect the wet season to last from May – October.
Mexico Exploration
Guided tours are always the best bet when it comes to getting as much into your itinerary as you can, with the time that you have. The Chichen Itza Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya is spectacular! The Tulum and Xel-Ha Day Trip from Cancun is also another excellent “Mayan Ruins” tour. The Mexico City Sightseeing Tour will also get you around to the best sights. The Puebla and Cholula Day Trip from Mexico City will get you around to more cultural hot spots.
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