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Puerto VallartaMexico$932$932-----------
Mayan Riviera$1,350$1,350-----------
Los Cabos$1,675$1,675-----------
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Mexico Vacations from Calgary

Mexico Summary
If you really love going in-depth into local culture when you are visiting a new country and are on vacation, then you will absolutely relish your visit to Mexico.
When you think of Mexico, you may be picturing beaches, old-world cuisine and lots of fiestas, but Mexico is so full and dripping with culture, you will want to make it your next and only destination. Purchasing one of the Mexico Vacation Packages from Calgary, will ensure that your vacation is all-encompassing and tapping deeply into this culture.
Mexico Accomodations
Like anywhere else, choosing accommodations just outside of the main hub will save you money without giving up quality. In Loreto, the Posada Del Cortes is a great 3-star that is economic. In San Blas, the Hotel Hacienda Flamingos is a 4-star, priced really well and is covered in that old-world charm.
Mexico Climate
As you probably already know, Mexico sits between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, so this does play a bit of havoc with the weather in different regions. The coasts are very hot and humid, higher up inland is cooler and “spring-like” in temperatures (22 – 25 degrees Celsius). May to October is the wet season and rainfall usually hits with little to no warning, so a small umbrella would be ideal to carry when you are outside exploring.
Mexico Exploration
If you want to begin your “culture capturing” in Mexico City first, then there are many places in which you should direct your attention. For museums & galleries, you should visit the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo Frida Kahlo and Museo Casa de Leon Trotsky.
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